In 2018, after nearly four decades in ministry, Vicki and I found ourselves having to reassess our role in ministry and in our community.  We investigated a number of leadership options, some of which included uprooting ourselves from Hastings.   The more we considered our developed skills and experience we felt God was reminding us of our original calling which was to reach our community over our whole life with everything we had at our disposal. We’ve been part of 4 church plants; one in Rochester and 3 in Hastings.  Our constant goal is to reveal who God truly is to those who are often disappointed by organized religion.  we invite you to join us at The Journey Church.


For the whole of our ministry, God has used the most unique facilities for us to hold church in, so that location would never be seen as an obstacle. Right at the very beginning of our new journey, God connected us with young entrepreneurs who opened the doors of their business facility for our church to hold services.  God has proven that the church is about people and not facilities. Today we meet in The Hastings Art Center for our Sunday services.  This beautiful stone, stained glass and steepled building works wonderful for our members to bring their guests each week.

Sunday services are held at 216 East 4th St.

Come join us and our dedicated team on the journey of a lifetime and experience an encounter with God through amazing music and messages you can fully engage in. We enjoy live musicians and presenters whom you can get to know personally.


We believe when you visit, you will eventually want to belong.




At The Journey Church we have chosen to use of a unique model of operation.  We rent a large gathering space for our Sunday services and own a small weekday space to house our offices and meetings.

Our Office Location is 105 West 23rd Street in Hastings

We believe this model can afford us a greater opportunity to invest in people rather than mortgages, as we desire to become a safe haven for those who are seeking to find Christianity as a lifestyle and a relationship.  The Journey is about  inviting our neighbors, coworkers and friends into an experience with Jesus Christ and his family of followers.  We love a form of faith that is practical and applicable to everyday life, rather than simply gathering for a religious event. 

Come walk the journey with us!