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Lee (American) & Regina (Brazilian) are church-planting missionaries serving in the least-reached Southern Brazil. The overall population of Brazil is greater than 207 million people. There are millions in the southernmost Brazilian states who have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. Making Christ's love known with the Gospel preached is their calling and passion.  


For more than a decade Lee and Regina focused primarily on church strengthening in cities south of São Paulo, Brazil. Lee holds a Th.M. from Southeastern and Columbia seminaries in the U.S. He teaches church planting pastors and at seminaries in Brazil. He also developed a post-graduate course for church planting pastors he and Regina ran for many years. Regina holds a 7-year law degree and bachelor’s degree in theology. She served pastoral teams planting churches before meeting and marrying Lee. Their focus together during their first deployment together was investing in church leaders who are now working to strengthen other national church leaders in the south and across Brazil. Beginning in 2017 Lee and Regina shifted their ministry focus to planting healthy biblical churches who will help more Brazilian churches multiply and develop in these least-reached regions.


Our City: Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil  


Population: 700,000 people (Largest in Santa Catrina)  


Solid Churches Today: 20 with average of 30 members in each  


European Descendants mostly German and Italian, Polish and Ukrainian with a presence of Ashkenazi Jewish people who changed their last names to hide from Nazi war criminals also relocated to these regions after the war.  

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